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Iggy azalea is this generations knock off gwen stefani.

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so my dad comes up to me saying “you’re always happy” “nothing ever displeases you” and it really upset me that even my own parents believe that I’m happy, when really every day I come closer to suicide…

Love my baby zippy771 more than anything on this earth💖😘🙊


I will actually never get over how fucking dumb Romeo and Juliet are

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What does the word gay mean to you?
Out of all the right things to say, you choose the word gay?
An insult, lack of respect, you don’t realise it but they say it all day,
He’s gay, you’re gay, that’s gay,
Why? I say here whilst I pray,
Gay is not an insult,
Gay is not a crime,
I wish people could just open their eyes,
Maybe it hurts to see the same genders holding hands together,
But deal with it, that’s how it’s gonna be forever,
I’m not gay myself,
But I just fight,
Fight for what’s right,
Gay rights,
Human rights,
Why can’t people see the link between these necessities,
We need rights to live,
We need rights to see light,
And if they can’t get them,
We’re gonna have to fight,
Breaking laws, smashing doors,
I’ll do whatever I can to see equality at our doorstep,
People not judging others for their sexuality,
And if i can’t see this before I die,
Then I won’t die,
Because I’ll see what’s right.

Chloe Baldwin.

(I am not a poet, nor a nerd, i just want my voice heard)

5 months ago